Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Check out my messy montage. I LUBS IT. I pronounced myself the queen of messy sketching. Anyway, thats besides the point, look at my jeans! Quite a few people have done "Best of SL Jeans" posts, but I haven't seen these ones on them yet...hence why I am posting them! They are the light wash low rise jeans from Dutch Touch, and they are one of my definite favs. They aren't coming off for atleast...ehhhhh...3 days. That's my limit of course. Notice the light stone washed texture and the extreme details on the back pockets. Okay...the back pockets won me over...I don't have many jeans in Sl, but when i saw these...I thought to myself, man, those are some really nice pockets. Useless pockets, but whatever. Oh plus my crack is showing. Another plus, because I have a very nice one apparently. Not butt, just the crack......Anyway, check these out, I swear you'll love them. Although I'm not a huge fan of the side-view, they're slightly too flared for me, but from the front and the back, you're good to go.

Jeans-Dutch Touch
Shoes-MK Fashions

Monday, March 10, 2008

About Me

I can't resist doing this, because it just looks like so much fun :D!

Heres how it works:
1. Go to www.photobucket.com (dont sign in)
2. Type in your answer to the question in the search box.
3. Use only the first page to look for the appropriate answer.
4. Copy the HTML and paste under the question for the answer

What's your name?

What's your relationship status?

What's your favorite color?

What are you listening to right now?
tegan and sara

What is your favorite movie?
American Beauty

Where is your dream vacation?

What is your favorite dessert?


One Word to describe yourself?

My eye color is...


Last book you read?


Night or Day?

Oranges or Apples?

the macintosh

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Who Cares

Nice way to end, huh?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

How Beautiful She Be!

Ahhhhh mon pauvre petit blog! How I have been ignoring you so! With midterms showering down on me, blogging and shopping had been put on hold for a bit, but no more! Yesterday I logged on to find a Group message from Brutus Martinek (the fabulous photog, no less), showing off her find, GiGi Couture's awesome CHEAP ( I mean, INEXPENSIVE) skins! I'm talking between 25 and 150 lindens! They're all Another Skin mods, but you can hardly tell. So of course I had to buy..um...them all... Well almost. Somewhere around 15. Hah! Anyway my fav is this Marilyn skin, which I find looks a little more Betty Grable. It just makes me look so curious. The eyebrows are just so 30's, how could I not die for them? I've turned into such a skin ho...seriously..someone stop me!

Visit Gigi Couture at her Cherry Buttons and Broadmead locations!

Dress-Nylon Outfitters
Skin-Gigi Couture (duh)

Saturday, February 23, 2008


cypunk, originally uploaded by stellasemaphore.

So today, Instead of a Samurai Katana girl, I'm trying out the CyberPunk Gun girl look. I just want to mention that I don't condone guns in RL, I have never touched one and never want to. But in SL, it does make a mighty fine accessory ( Oh, and you can't actually hurt people, of course).
I got my gun ( or guns, actually, they come in a set of two) from Gangtsa Urban and they're the Anaconda White & Silver model. They come with holsters, and bling options. Also when shopping for Samurai gear I came across this AWESOME mask, called the Scorpion Mask, from Bitter Thorns. The neon lights change colors (I chose pink), and blink on and off. Oh, and this sweet outfit? Obviously I got it at The Abyss! It's called The Odyssey outfit, and I feel mega hoooooottt in this thing. Hot as in sexy as hell!
Bang Bang...he shot me down...Band Bang...I hit the ground..

Btw, In the first pic at the top, I'm about to get run over by a hovercraft! Automated hovercraft dude was piiisssed!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Me, in action. Oh ya, I also gave myself my own Samurai name.....What??!!?

First off, sorry I've been M.I.A lately. Sometimes, I'm just lacking inspiration. Oh ya, plus it's midterm week, and sleep has been my number one priority! Coffee count, anyone?? I think the most coffee I've had in one day was 9 cups. Not too too bad. I think somewhere around 15 is heart attack time, but hey, I'm not there yet, thank god! So anyway, I'm getting a little bored with the regular "this is super cute HUH?" posts, and feel like blogging something a little more interesting. What's interesting to me, you might ask? FREAKIN' SAMURAI'S, THAT'S WHAT! Okay...I'll be honest...I know virtually nothing about real samurai's...other than, you know, whatserface from Kill Bill, I've never seen an actual samurai. One thing I do know though, is that uber coolness seeps from their pores. They've got swords, hello. And btw, I've got the coolest sword ever. It's called the White Lotus, from Daikon Forge, and I can slice left, right and center, and do these mega cool special moves ( I know, I speak in such technical terms...). You can also keep it sheathed, or by clicking on the sheath, pull it right out for battle. Personally, I just think it makes me look hot. Anyway, so I needed to get a samurai outfit to match my new sword, so I bought the She Adventurer Cape outfit from Groll Inn & Hideout. It can be worn a slew of different ways, also with two different bandanas that aren't pictured here. I like the scarf up/down option, where you can just click to bring it up covering your nose, mouth, or completely down around your neck. I also bought a ton more, but hey, one samurai outfit at a time, right? ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2008


If you read Nylon, Vogue or W magazine, you know that the big trend coming for spring 08' is neons and brights! Highlighter yellow,green,orange, fuschia and not to mention blue, are all huge themes in the spring season lines, all either paired with eachother, or basic black. Kelly green (made famous by American Apparel, my zen store) is also still very much en vogue. Since I'm a crazy color fanatic ( if you see me in SL, I'm usually wearing some sort of disco gear, propably a gas mask, and some killer kicks, unless I'm somewhere 'professional') I was psyched to see these brights absolutely everywhere! So I put together three outfits I hope you'll like, just so you can get the gist of what I think is going to be a big trend this season.

Hair- COIF
Outfit-All Veschi
Pumps-Storm Schmooz

Dress and Tights- Veschi
Sneaks- Armidi
Hat- Soulfire

Crown-La Reina
Bra and Underwear- Armidi Intimizzio

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Today was the launch of the brand spankin' new GLAM magazine, and if you were lucky enough to get an invite to the event, you got to see a hell of a show! Imagine a humongous cascading staircaise, all pristine white, with models seemingly appearing from a misted cloud, slowly making their way down to we, the audience ( quite a bawdy one at that , ;D ). It was done beautifully, not to mention artistically. Among the list of presenters were GHOST,Artilleri,Serene Sensations, Cubic, Muism, Designing Nicky Ree, LeeZu Baxter Designs, Lookr, Paper Couture and of course Minnu Model Skins and Maitreya. Among my favs....not to play favourites...just kidding, I'm totally playing favourites.. were Ghost (Imagine Chanel, minus cream colors, and throw in some Vivienne Westwood shapes), Paper Couture ( Jean Paul Gaultier-ish, or think Marie Antoinette if she lived in 1910) Artlilleri (think Suicide girls rockabilly), and Minnu's new line Cachet (Seemingly right from Janet Jackson's new video "feedback") . I wish, I really really wish that I had photos for all of you, but seemingly my SL wasn't picking up hair, and black triangles were coming out of models' whoopies. I'm sure everyone else will have some great ones up :).

I'm very excited to see this new periodical (will be published monthly). Expect Haute Couture, high standard content. This magazine will represent many new and old designers, all of the upmost quality. And no, it will NOT solely be designers from the Glam world sims, it will showcase all of the best of the SL design world. Enjoy!

To get a copy of the mag, and to read up about GLAM and the event, visit the impressive website.